Submitting a sponsored proposal at the University of Minnesota requires some teamwork. This website is here to help the investigators and research administrators in the Department of Neurology navigate:

  • Funding opportunities available
  • Proposal development
  • Proposal submission at the U of MN
  • Regulation changes and updates
  • Resources available
  • Training and Development opportunities

On the homepage are the basic overviews of the grant submission process and cycle. For an acronym key and links to helpful information directly related to these flowsheets, go to the bottom of the homepage.

Grant Submission Process

Grant submission process

Acronym Key


CRC: Clinical Research Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Coordinator

GA: Grants Administrator

IACUC: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IBC: Institutional Biosafety Committee

IRB: Institutional Review Board

JIT: Just-in-Time

OTC: Office of Technology and Commercialization

PI: Principal Investigator

PRF: Proposal Routing Form

SPA: Sponsored Projects Administration